Millstone trial

The Millstone , one of the busiest pubs in Manchester have completed trials with Britelines™ Beer Line Cleaner with great results. Britelines™ is their cleaner of choice – read report

The Millstone
65-67 Thomas Street,
M4 1LQ

We have now completed testing on Britelines™ Line Cleaner here at the Millstone, one
of the busiest pubs in Manchester.

As directed, the first clean on all lines was at a 3% concentration and results were excellent.
It became very apparent that despite our normal cleaning there had been a gradual build-up of yeast in the lines which Britelines™ removed very quickly.

Whilst we then reduced the concentration to 1.5% on all kegs and 1% on bright beers we used
a second clean at 3% for our casks again with excellent results.

We are now in a position where the lines remain cleaner for longer and there is a striking reduction in the time taken to achieve a full clean. Customers have commented on the increase in quality of the beers.

In conclusion whilst the product appears to be expensive compared to traditional line cleaners the reduction in concentrations and the time saving outweigh any negatives I would be more than happy to recommend Britelines™.