Safety precautions when using beer line cleaner

Many popular beer line cleaners are caustic/chlorine based and as such are very corrosive and can cause severe burns. It is very important to follow safe procedures.

Business owners and workers should review their current systems of work and the level of training provided to workers who are responsible for the cleaning of beer lines. If they are not appropriate, improvements should be made immediately.
When reviewing current systems of work for beer line cleaning, business owners and workers should:

Ensure the beer line cleaning system is the most appropriate for the delivery system used – ie there are two possible methods for cleaning beer lines. One option is the ‘static pot’, where beer lines are filled with cleaning products using a pump or pressurised gas, and left to soak for a period of time. The other option is ‘recirculating’, where a pump is used to continuously circulate the cleaning product through beer lines that have been connected into an endless loop. The static pot method, though probably the most common, should only be used when other methods are not practical.

Ensure the handling and storage of chemicals is in accordance with manufacturer/supplier recommendations and the instructions provided on the SDS.
Provide appropriate clothing and equipment such as long sleeve overalls/pants, enclosed shoes, aprons, gloves, eyewear or face shields and train workers in how to use them correctly.
Provide appropriate first aid equipment, advice and assistance – eg., eye wash and shower facilities, easy access to emergency contact numbers and avoid working alone.