Toddlers Poisoned After Being Served Caustic Beer Line Cleaner

Two toddlers had to be treated in hospital after being mistakenly served industrial cleaning fluid instead of water at a restaurant.

One-year-old Daniel Martin began coughing violently after gulping from a beaker in the incident at a Toby Carvery.

His parents Phil and Claire Martin raised the alarm after they sipped the drink and found it tasted of bleach.

The child’s cup had been accidentally filled with a chemical used to clean pipes, which had been left in an unmarked jug and was picked up by the waiting staff.

Daniel was taken to hospital after the discovery and was treated for chemical burns to his mouth and throat. The family had been visiting friends Stuart and Diane Watkinson, whose daughter Sophie, 16 months, also drank from a contaminated cup and needed hospital treatment.

Both families are now demanding a guarantee from the dining chain that the mix-up can never be repeated.