Britelines™ 100% biodegradable beer line cleaner
After cleaning it reduces to water

What is Britelines™

Britelines™ is a revolutionary new pipeline cleaner designed specifically to clean beer lines.

How it works

Its main ingredient is Hydrogen peroxide + Silver. These elements work together in synergy to eradicate harmful bacteria, remove organic matter and biofilm, leaving a protective coating, which gradually builds up over time to create an excellent barrier, helping to stop the build-up of yeast and sugar deposits.

By creating a slight fizzing action, Britelines lifts yeast and sugar deposits, leaving the pipes looking like new. It reduces to water straight after cleaning, so can be flushed down the drain, conforming to EU’s forthcoming directive of not pouring toxic waste directly into the sewerage system.



Using Britelines results in longer times between cleans, from the standard seven days to several weeks, helping to reduce expensive energy and water bills and maximising monthly profits and retaining product counter sales, with minimal wastage during the cleaning process. 

Using Britelines also helps free up valuable time for other important tasks, and removes the risks of exposure to potentially hazardous and corrosive cleaning chemicals, enhancing your green credentials, by reducing your carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Britelines can also be left in the pipes for several days in its diluted form, and is ideal for pumps that are not frequently used and susceptible to contamination, such as at football and rugby stadiums and other sporting arenas.


Britelines™ has been developed in order to produce a new innovative product which unlike most of those in current use, is non-toxic and completely removes organic matter, bacteria, and biofilm, and has been independently tested by Campden BRI research laboratories, to be more effective than other leading competitors.