In the next year or so the issue of pouring toxic pipeline cleaning products down the sink/drain is expected to be backed and enforced by a number of ecological campaigns in the UK.  These campaigns are aiming to force the brewing industry to be more in line with EU legislations, by proving they are no longer polluting local water supplies and sewerage systems with Toxic Waste.

The EU Directive

Under new proposed EU Directives, if users cannot demonstrate they have tackled this problem, and stopped using toxic cleaners or have not put a system in place to remove and safely dispose of waste, or employed a professional waste removal company, they can be fined by public bodies including the Local Government and Water Authorities.

Britelines™ is a product that has been specifically developed for cleaning beer lines and is ‘harmless’, i.e. it is NOT and does not produce ‘Toxic Waste’ unlike conventional pipeline cleaning products currently used.