The Bree Louise

We have been using Britelines beer line cleaner for almost a year and have noticed a significant improvement in the taste of the beer.

It took several cleans before there was a marked improvement. However, once Britelines started doing its job, the results were extremely impressive.

The amount of time between cleans whilst using Brite Lines has increased from once a week (which was the average time with our previous line cleaner) to once every three to four weeks. Initially, it was difficult to convince our staff not to clean the lines as often as before.

They were used to weekly cleans, as well as using larger measures of our previous beer line cleaner, but found we didn’t use as much Brite lines for each clean.

After several weeks of close monitoring, the beer was still of an improved quality and the difference was noticeable. Needless to say, all the staff are now converts!

We have been recommending Britelines to anyone who’ll listen within the industry.

We shall continue to use Britelines and can highly recommend it to other pubs and bars.

The Bree Louise CAMRA pub of the year 2009 & 2010.

Craig Douglas

Blackjack Brewery and Tap, Smithfield Tavern


Blackjack Brewery

Blackjack Brewery took over an ailing pub on Swan Street in the famous Northern Quarter of Manchester - The Smithfield Tavern and have turned it around completely. They had a cider tap that was proving belligerent and impossible to clean with the conventional beer line cleaners. They heard about Britelines™ Beer Line Cleaner and decided to give it a try. Comments were;

" We did a complete line clean on all of the taps with great results, especially with the tainted cider tap - fantastic."

Millstone Trial - Manchester

We have now completed testing on Britelines™ Line Cleaner here at the Millstone, one of the busiest pubs in Manchester.

As directed, the first clean on all lines was at a 3% concentration and results were excellent.

It became very apparent that despite our normal cleaning there had been a gradual build-up of yeast in the lines which Britelines removed very quickly.

Whilst we then reduced the concentration to 1.5% on all kegs and 1% on bright beers we used a second clean at 3% for our casks again with excellent results.

We are now in a position where the lines remain cleaner for longer and there is a striking reduction in the time taken to achieve a full clean. Customers have commented on the increase in quality of the beers.

In conclusion whilst the product appears to be expensive compared to traditional line cleaners the reduction in concentrations and the time saving outweigh any negatives I would be more than happy to recommend Britelines.

The Travellers Call

We are pleased we are using Briteline product.

It does as you claim reducing time spent cleaning pipes as well as reducing wastage. We will definitely continue to use it and look forward to hearing about your new products as they come on line.

The Rifle Range

We were introduced to Britelines after attending the trade show of J.W.Lees brewery and our initial results have been impressive.

The line cleaning for keg beer now only needs to be done once a fortnight and we are looking to extend this to three weeks. We have seen no adverse reaction to this and the beer is clear with no deposits.

Brewery regulations mean that the Cask products are still done on a weekly basis but it’s clear that this could also be extended subject to the Brewer’s agreement.

Please let me know when your new bar fly treatment is available as we would be very interested.